Papaya Pulp Soap For Skin Whitening
Papaya Soap For Face Moisturizes the skin

Traditionally Handcrafted Pure Papaya Pulp Soap

Soft & Subtle | Natural Glow

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Inspired by the lush tropical landscapes, Samudhrika Lakshana’s Traditionally Handcrafted Pure Herbal Papaya Pulp Soap is an indulgent fusion of science and nature. Crafted from the pulp and extracts of ripe papayas, this papaya soap for skin whitening is celebrated for its exceptional skincare benefits. It embodies the essence of the exotic, offering a luxurious bathing experience reminiscent of a paradisiacal getaway. This papaya soap is 100% natural and is made of pure and herbal ingredients and is free of any chemicals. Use this pure herbal papaya soap, a natural skin care marvel. 


Samudhrika Lakshana’s Traditionally Handcrafted Pure Herbal Papaya Pulp Soap is made of herbal ingredients such as,

  • Carefully selected natural papaya pulp
  • Traditional Wood Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Soda Crystals
  • Essential oil for fragrance


Samudhrika Lakshana’s Traditionally Handcrafted Pure Herbal Papaya Pulp Soap is enriched with the natural goodness of papaya. Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C this soap exfoliates the skin gently, ridding it of dead cells and impurities, unveiling a brighter, smoother complexion. The papain enzyme found in papayas promotes skin renewal, making it a superb choice for those seeking to reduce dark spots, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. Papaya soap boasts remarkable moisturizing properties, ensuring that the skin remains hydrated and supple. Its antioxidant-rich formula combats free radicals, contributing to a youthful glow and delaying the signs of aging. Furthermore, it aids in soothing skin irritations and acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial attributes.


It is recommended for external use only like a normal soap. 


 Samudhrika Lakshana humbly advises its users to avoid any sunscreen lotion, moisturizers, chemical soaps, or any kind of chemical product after washing as it damages the result. It is recommended to use Samudhrika Lakshana’s products for after-bath use. 


  • Helps in skin brightening and skin whitening
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Soothes the irritated skin
  • Assist in skin renewal

The enchanting scent of papaya soap transforms your daily skincare routine into a tropical escape, captivating your senses and instilling a sense of well-being. Experience the allure of papaya soap as it transports you to the heart of the tropics, nurturing your skin with the richness of this exotic fruit. It's more than just soap; it's a luxurious journey to radiant, revitalized skin.


You can use our soap every day.

It usually takes 21 days from the date of start for an effective result.

Yes. Our papaya soap is more effective in combating the dust caused by pollutants.

Yes. It is for both men and women.

It is advised to use our soap after the age of two.

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