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9 products

9 products
Pure Herbal Gold facial pack powder
Gold facial pack powder
Gold Facial Pack Powder

Softens skin | Absorbs excess oil | Fresh skin

₹ 222.00
Pure Herbal Face Wash Powder
Herbal Face Wash Powder For Skin Whitening
Pure Herbal Face Wash Powder

Softens skin | Absorbs excess oil | Fresh skin

₹ 150.00
Organic Hibiscus Powder For Face
Natural Hibiscus Powder For Skin Whitening
Pure Herbal Hibiscus Petals Facial Powder

Cleanser | Heals scars | Exfoliates skin

₹ 222.00
Face Pack With Orange Peel Powder
Herbal Orange Peel Powder For Face
Pure Herbal Orange Peel Facial Powder

Fades Blemishes | Firms Skin | Reduces large pores

₹ 150.00
Rose Petal Powder Face Pack
Rose Petals Powder For Face
Pure Herbal Rose Petals Facial Powder

Soothing effect | Skin toner | Relieves sunburn

₹ 195.00
Herbal Kasturi Turmeric Powder
Original Kasthuri Manjal Powder
Organic Kasthuri Manjal Powder

Slows down hair-growth | Even skin-tone

₹ 150.00
Rose Petal Powder Face Pack
Herbal Rose Petals Powder For Face
Real Red Rose Water

Maintain pH balance | Soothes skin

₹ 78.00
Herbal Aloe Vera Cucumber Gel
Natural Cucumber And Aloe Vera Gel For Face and Hair
Organic Aloe Vera Cucumber Gel

Moisturizes skin | Slows ageing | Reduce dark circles

₹ 177.00
Organic Multani Mitti Powder For Face
Pure Herbal Multani Mitti Powder
Pure Multani Mitti Facial Pack Powder

De-tans skin | Removes Black heads/White heads

₹ 78.00
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Samudhrika Lakshana: Where Nature Meets Beauty - Unveiling Your Flawless Skin

In our fast-paced urban lives, our skin is constantly battling pollution, UV damage, and harmful chemicals. This manifests as accelerated ageing, acne, pigmentation, dullness and more over time. We at Samudhrika Lakshana understand your skin's struggles intimately. That is why we offer gentle yet effective herbal skin care products that provide solutions tailor-made for Indian skin.

Forget the endless search for "clean" beauty! At Samudhrika Lakshana, we offer a haven for natural face care products that nourish, protect, and unveil your flawless skin, inspired by ancient wisdom and crafted with modern science.

Natural Skin Care Products: Beyond Organic, Beyond Hype

Start your journey in natural remedies with our herbal skin care products.

  • Handpicked, Certified Ingredients: We source only the finest certified organic herbs and botanical extracts, free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colours.
  • Targeted Solutions: Our diverse range of herbal face care products caters to specific skin concerns like dryness, acne, ageing, and uneven tone, ensuring personalised results.
  • Holistic Approach: We go beyond just cleansing and moisturizing. Our products nourish from within, promoting balanced, radiant skin.
  • Sustainable Practices: We prioritise eco-friendly packaging and minimise our environmental impact, aligning with your values.

At Samudhrika Lakshana, we offer natural skin care products that harness the power of botanical ingredients to nourish and protect your skin.

Herbal face care products: Discover Your Perfect Ritual

Discover a world of natural goodness at our natural skin care store, offering a curated selection of products for all skin types and concerns. We offer:

  • Gentle Cleansers: Embrace a fresh start with our nourishing cleansers, leaving your skin soft and clean.
  • Revitalising Toners: Herbal skin products like our alcohol-free toners help hydrate and refine your complexion.
  • Potent Serums: Address specific concerns with our targeted serums for a visible difference.
  • Luxurious Moisturizers: Deeply nourish and protect your skin with our herbal skin care products like moisturizers.
  • Soothing Face Masks: Treat yourself to weekly pampering with rejuvenating herbal face care products like masks.

Experience nature's gentle yet effective touch on your skin with our herbal skin care products.

Best herbal face care products of Samudhrika Lakshana

Unlock the best in skincare by exploring our natural skin care best products, chosen for your efficacy and commitment to clean beauty. Herbal skin care products harness the power of botanical extracts and plant-based ingredients to nourish and revitalise your skin.

  • Gold Facial Pack Powder: Experience a touch of luxury with this opulent blend. Pure saffron, known for its brightening properties, combines with red tree bark and organic floral extracts to soften skin, absorb excess oil, and leave you with a fresh, radiant glow.
  • Pure Herbal Face Wash Powder: This gentle yet effective herbal skin product is your daily dose of nourishment. Badam, green gram, and rose petals work together to cleanse, soften, and refresh your skin while absorbing excess oil for a healthy, balanced complexion.
  • Pure Herbal Hibiscus Petals Facial Powder: Embrace the power of exfoliation and rejuvenation. Organically sourced hibiscus flowers and vasambu help heal scars and leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
  • Pure Herbal Orange Peel Facial Powder: Bid farewell to blemishes and uneven texture. Orange peels, rich in antioxidants, combat blemishes, firm your skin, and minimise pores, revealing a more transparent, smoother complexion.
  • Pure Herbal Rose Petals Facial Powder: Indulge in soothing serenity. Rose petals, known for their calming properties, act as a toner, relieve sunburn, and leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.
  • Organic Aloe Vera Cucumber Gel: Experience the combined goodness of nature's powerhouses. Aloe vera and cucumber effectively moisturize your skin, slow down the signs of ageing, and reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • Pure Multani Mitti Facial Pack Powder: Deep cleanse and revitalise your skin. This traditional clay powder helps de-tan, remove blackheads and whiteheads, and leave you with a brighter, more even complexion.

More Than Just Your Face

Discover our herbal skin care products to complete your holistic self-care ritual. Explore scrubs, lotions, and butter formulated with the same love and natural goodness. Unlock the wisdom of ancient traditions with herbal skin care products formulated using time-tested botanical ingredients.

Ayurvedic Wisdom: Samudhrika Lakshana’s herbal face care products

Embrace the beauty that lies within. Join Samudhrikha Lakshana on a journey to natural radiance. Enjoy the ease and comfort of shopping from home with our natural skin care products shop, which offers online ordering and delivery options.

Our natural skin care stores provide a welcoming environment to discover the best in natural skincare and embark on a journey towards healthier, more radiant skin.

So, shop our collections today and unlock your healthiest, most beautiful skin!