Privacy policy

The policies of Samudhrika Lakshana and its users with regard to privacy are described below. Samudhrika Lakshana is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and complies with all relevant legal requirements in this regard.

Sources of the data and its intended use: Name, email address, shipping address, billing address as well as phone number data are collected straight from website users. Using this information, which also serves to identify the user, makes it possible to provide products and services, identify users who are posing as others, maintain security, and prevent fraud.

Commercial Data: We do not keep track of payment card or pin numbers. Checkout is performed through a third-party payment gateway portal. The payment method and the bank that was used are disclosed to us. In order to give specialised discounts and promotions, we may utilise this data to analyse the sources of traffic.

Internet and network activities based on location and IP addresses: Every time you visit our website, we automatically collect this data. This data is used to analyse traffic sources and overall location-based statistics. Your information is also used by us to deliver items, services, and targeted ads.

Communication information All WhatsApp messages and call logs between subscribers are recorded by us. This is used for quality assurance and fraud detection.

Ratings on social media: We may choose to republish client reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. To evaluate user engagement and prevent fraud, this information is used. We get this data directly from consumers when they share our content, use our products, or mention us in social media posts.

External sources: We may use data from external sources to identify customers, distribute goods, modify and personalise advertisements, find new clients, and nullify security and fraud.
Placing Cookies Samudhrika Lakshana uses cookies to optimise page loading and improve user experience. Users should verify their web browser settings if they do not want to share cookies. Both Google and Facebook track its users. Use Facebook and Google’s privacy policies as resources.

Outside Links Even though there are only verified links on the website, Samudhrika Lakshana provides no guarantees about the security of the links. Users are advised to use caution while clicking on any links. All liability for damage coming from external links is disclaimed by Samudhrika Lakshana.