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Turning back to ancient times, Samudhrika Lakshana’s Handcrafted Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap is rich in medicinal uses by following the historical methods that were followed a thousand years back. Believing in the ancient method, this Charcoal scrub for the body is a handcrafted masterpiece that is made of pure and herbal ingredients and hence has the key to incomparable radiance. Step into the world of the wisdom of nature reigns supreme in your daily routine to indulge in a spa-like experience. Discover the abilities of activated charcoal soap that tracks your skin to a healthier and luminous face. Hoist your beauty to stand distinctive with Samudhrika Lakshana’s Handcrafted Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap. 


Samudhrika Lakshana’s Handcrafted Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap is a combination of

  • Natural Vegetable Glycerine
  • Activated Charcoal Powder
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Demineralized water


Samudhrika Lakshana’s Handcrafted Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap helps in many ways where the Natural Vegetable Glycerine helps to keep the skin hydrated. Its non-comedogenic properties help to prevent the skin from clogging pores and are advisable for all skin types. It keeps the skin soft, smooth, and in great texture as the glycerine helps in skin repair. The activated Charcoal Powder cleanses the skin deeply from toxins, impurities, and excess oil. Its gentle exfoliation removes the dead cells and presents a picture-perfect skin. Tea Tree Essential Oil is known for its brilliant antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties that combat acne, pimples, and any skin bacteria. This oil also helps to regulate sebum production making it beneficial for both oily and combination skin. The Demineralised water serves as a pure and neutral base to ensure the absence of impurities. 


It is recommended for external use only like a normal soap. 


Samudhrika Lakshana humbly advises its users to avoid any sunscreen lotion, moisturizers, chemical soaps, or any kind of chemical product after washing as it damages the result. It is recommended to use Samudhrika Lakshana’s products for after-bath use. The desired result will be notified over some time. 


  • Keeps the skin soft and hydrated
  • Rich in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties
  • Balances excess oil production
  • Enhance product absorption
  • Makes skin tighter and firmer
  • Minimises pore clogging
  • Treats wounds, acne, scars, pimples
  • Provides flawless skin

Samudhrika Lakshana’s Handcrafted Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap is a revival of your skin’s innate radiance that takes your entire skin to the path of a healthy and dazzling feel. Celebrate the craftsmanship of handmade pure herbal charcoal scrub soap that brushstrokes on the canvas of your timeless allure.  

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Samudhrika lakshana handmade activated charcoal scrub soap can use for dry skin?


For dry skin, we recommend using Samudhrika Lakshana Mahua soap or Goats milk soap, or Six oil soap. These options are better suited for hydrating and nourishing dry skin compared to the activated charcoal scrub soap.


Yes. Our Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap can be used on all skin types.

No, it does not have a strong fragrance. It has a mild smell of charcoal and essential oils.

Yes. Our Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap can be used to remove makeup.

It usually takes 21 days from the date of start for an effective result.

It is advised to use our Pure Herbal Charcoal Scrub Soap after the age of two.

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