Samudhrika Lakshana's Herbal Solution Products for Oily Skin  Acne, Pimple, and Dark Spot Removal
Pure Herbal Face Wash Powder - Fresh Face Magic
Orange Peel Powder - Shine Control Marvel
Rosewater Natural Toner - Soothe & Glow Formula
Kasthuri Manjal - Skin Bliss Elixir
Pungam Oil Soap - Age-Defying Wonder Bar

Oily Skin Trio: Acne, Pimple, and Dark Spot Solutions

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Say Goodbye to Oily Skin: Best Products for Pimple Removal

Oily skin is a source of frustration. Oily skin people face a lot of issues with the natural look or even with makeup as it takes much more time to get set up than usual with frequent touch-ups. With clogged pores and a shiny texture that gives a dullness to the appearance, oily skin is a real pain to maintain. The excess sebum production thrives on acne bacteria giving birth to it. Effective management and achieving a balanced complexion is the first step to the path to a flawless visage.

Samudhrika Lakshana's Herbal Solution for Oily Skin  Acne, Pimple, and Dark Spot Removal

Not limited to a set of problems, oily skin requires high maintenance. After deep research, Samudhrika Lakshana has come to a solution for this by launching herbal products for oily skin brightness, a natural remedy for brightening oily skin and simultaneously removing dark spots, pimples, and acne. By using Samudhrika Lakshana’s combo pack daily, oily skin glows with clarity instead of buttery within 20 days of continuous usage.

Explore Samudhrika Lakshana's Top Five Oily Skin Products - Free from Acne, Pimple, and Dark Spots:

Orange Peel Powder - Shine Control Marvel

Samudhrika Lakshana’s Orange Peel Powder is a mixture of carefully hand picked organic orange peel and pure Vasambu. The natural properties of orange peel help the skin to exfoliate and brighten it. Possessing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it fights acne bacteria and gives a matte finish to the skin. As it has natural oils it controls excess sebum production, balancing the greasiness. It also tightens the skin and minimizes enlarged pores, improving the overall skin tone. The orange peel powder alleviates redness, itchiness, inflammation and soothes and refreshes the skin. Vasambu helps with odor control, acts as an antiseptic, and also aids in relaxing and reducing stress.

Kasthuri Manjal - Skin Bliss Elixir

Samudhrika Lakshana’s outstanding product Kasthuri Manjal is organically sourced from the banks of the River Cauvery. Highly nourished with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, Kasthuri Manjal penetrates deeply into the skin and works well on every single layer of skin. With a marvelous blend of organic turmeric with pure orange peel, organic lemon peel, and chosen tulsi leaves, this medicinal product treats acne, reduces scars and evens skin tone. It also heals any infection and insect bite, and kills pimple bacteria from its roots, giving the skin a healthy radiance.

Pure Herbal Face Wash Powder - Fresh Face Magic

Samudhrika Lakshana’s Pure Herbal Face Wash Powder is a magical cleanser with a mixture of fifteen natural ingredients like Green gram, Badham, Bengal Gram, Hibiscus petals, Rose petals, Kuppaimeni leaves, Marikozhundhu, Aloe Vera, Orange peel, and much more. They all help moisturize, anti-aging, exfoliating, brightening, hydrating, and much more. With continuous usage of the exemplary combination of pure and natural ingredients, this Herbal Face Wash powder removes dark circles and tan and controls your oily skin, and gives you a fresh, bright face.

Rosewater Natural Toner - Soothe & Glow Formula

Samudhrika Lakshana’s natural toner, Rosewater is a mixture of organically sourced rose petals with a sweet flag that is PH-balanced and rich in vitamins that detoxify the skin, removing dirt and dust from the pores and presenting you with a flawless face. This Rosewater helps in reducing the redness, swelling, and inflammation associated with acne and pimples since they are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and give irritation-free skin.

Pungam Oil Soap - Age-Defying Wonder Bar

Samudhrika Lakshana’s unique product Pungam Oil Soap is an ancient pure medicinal soap that is traditionally handpicked. It is a natural brightening product that heals the skin from all damage including warts and moles. Pungam Oil Soap also aids as a mild sunscreen as it protects naturally from UV rays. Enriched with antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, this soap is a natural remedy that works excellently on skin allergies as it has antiseptic properties. According to the people of Siddha, Pungam Oil Soap is a top medicine for the skin as it can cure even skin cancer. This soap also has anti-aging benefits, saving the skin from wrinkles. Using this soap twice or thrice a day results in impressive clearance as it gives protein to the skin that fights pimples. Its antioxidants neutralize free radicals that contribute to skin damage and aging. It rejuvenates the skin facilitating an unblemished countenance.


    Follow the following procedures daily by using the recommended two-shift packs of herbal products for oily skin under the suggested methods. With continuous usage of the combo, you would be amazed to see the impressive results of Samudhrika Lakshana within 15 to 20 days!

    Step 1:

    It is 100% mandatory to wash your face with Samudhrika Lakshana’s Herbal Face Wash powder. Mix two spoons of Samudhrika Lakshana’s pure Herbal Face Wash powder with water. Like using soap, gently apply it all over your face and rub it in an anti-clockwise direction for 10-15 seconds. Make sure that the powder is scrubbed well as it penetrates all layers of skin and removes dust, acne, pimples, and dark spots giving freshness to your face. Using the powder 2-3 times a day is advisable for faster results as it absorbs the excess oil secretion and brightens the skin along with erasing the marks of acne, pimples, and dark spots. If preferring to wash the face with soap, the only option is to use Samudhrika Lakshana’s Pungam Oil soap as it is the best soap for all skin types in order to effectively remove acne and pimple marks.

    Step 2:

    After washing the Herbal Face Wash powder, take two spoons of Orange Peel Powder and mix it with Rosewater. Gently apply the mixture covering your face, ears, and neck like a facial pack. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. In the meantime, the pack totally absorbs the excess oil secretion and excessively dries the face thoroughly. We know that dry skin is another problematic factor and hence, we have suggested mixing it with Rosewater as it has a balancing PH that reduces excessive dryness and moisturizes your skin.

    Step 3:

    At night before going to bed, Apply Samudhrika Lakshana’s Kasthuri Manjal pack by mixing Kasthuri Manjal powder with Rose water and apply in an anti-clockwise direction for 10 to 15 seconds as the mixture removes the marks well. Let itset for the whole night or be washed after 45 minutes. If washing at night, make sure to use Aloe Vera Gel followed by it. Whenever the pack is washed, always use Pungam oil soap. Be cautious about avoiding any other organic or chemical products other than Samudhrika Lakshana’s Pungam Oil soap to attain the desired result. With continuous usage of 15 to 20 days the vanishing of the dark spots could be visibly noticed, giving picture-perfect skin.


    Samudhrika Lakshana humbly advises its users to avoid sunscreen lotion, moisturizers, chemical soaps, or any kind of chemical product as it damages the result by preventing the 100% effect of our natural herbal product or may delay the expected result. We also request that Samudhrika Lakshana users follow this best skin care combo daily as a routine to achieve extraordinary results.

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